March 2, 2009

Manufacturers Betting on New Products to Drive Profits

New York…Kosher food manufacturers are hoping that many of the new products that they are introducing will help drive sales this Passover (eve of April 8th through the 16th) despite the recession. According to kosher food sources, more than 400 new products will be introduced, ranging from LaRomme’s “white bread” to new cheeses. Kosher consumers are already used to Passover cereals, noodles, “bread” crumbs, and other products that mimic year-round products. In cheese, Cabot Creamery Cooperative of Vermont is releasing Sharp Cheddar, aged for 10 months. In noodles and pasta, Paskez is introducing them in various shapes and sizes. Even coffee and tea will not be exempt from new versions for the holiday. Osem is introducing Tasters Choice 100% pure instant coffee, while Davida Aprons is unveiling Gey Shlufen (go to sleep) Tea, an organic version from Australia. To go with its classic horseradish products, Gold’s is rolling out “Squeeze-Me” Wasabi Sauce while Oriental Food International is adding Sweet Chili Sauce and Plain Chili Sauce. To go along with the sauces, Oriental has a Rice Stick which is a rice noodle that is great for a stir-fried noodle dish (such as Pad Thai Noodle) and is also gluten-free.

There are many additional new sauces and oils for Passover: Fox's U-bet Chocolate Sundae Sauce, Enova Soy & Canola Cooking and Salad Oil from Millbrook Distribution Services, Israeli olive oil from Tnuvat Haaretz, and Oliviana Prestige & Tradition Extra Virgin Olive & Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Mediterranean Finest Imports & Distributing.

There are many new Matzah and Matzah related items: Pereg Gourmet’s has Seasoned Matzah Crumbs; Shibolim is out with Whole Wheat Chocolate Matzo Squares in two varieties, Whole Wheat and Whole Spelt; Matzot Aviv is introducing Hagada Passover Cookies as well as two new varieties of their famous matzo tins; Osem is rolling out Egg & Onion Matzah, Chocolate Coated Matzah Orange & Raspberry Flavored, Rakusen's Thin Matzos Wheat Bran & Rakusen's Thin Plain Matzos.

In the meat category, Solomon’s is out with new package technology that offers longer shelf life, which can remain fresh or may be frozen in the same package. Alle Processing/Meal Mart has expanded their Amazing Meals for Passover. These meals do not require refrigeration, are double wrapped and are ready in just 1½ minutes, when heated in any Microwave Kosher or Non Kosher oven. Need sauce to cook a 5lb. brisket? Try Mikee Brisket Cooking Sauce. And for those looking for Passover olives, Osem introduced Medium Green Pitted Olives Spicy & Medium Green Pitted Olives Herbs. Rounding out some of the more interesting new items for Passover is Alei Eden’s hydroponically grown vegetables (bugs/pesticide-free).

In the sweets department for both adults and kids are a number of new products from Manhattan Chocolate, including their Dark Chocolates with Almond and Cranberry. Osem has Chik Chak Marshmallows for adults and lollipops for kids. Paskesz is adding many new Cookie Classics. Paskez will also be offering Nibblers Snacks in two flavors Onion & Garlic and BBQ and Kosher Noshes Fruit Leather in Apricot, Raspberry, Cherry Strawberry and Apple. For the Seder consider Davida‘s new Matzah Dipping Bowl to go along with their famous Matzah doll and other Matzah novelties.