October 21, 2013

Manufacturer of Kosher Vegetarian Products Makes the Move to Exhibit at Kosherfest

SECAUCUS, NJ — The annual Fall kosher food show here is for many food manufacturers as much a part of the marketing calendar as the holidays are. Simply put, they consider Kosherfest an important event to keep up with the rapidly growing kosher food industry. But for some, the annual trips to Kosherfest as a visitor eventually encourages them to become an exhibitor. Taft Foodmasters is the perfect example. They were visitors at Kosherfest for many years and realized that it was vital for them to finally be inside a booth. They will be exhibiting at the upcoming Kosherfest 25, displaying their original Vegetarian Seitan Gyro and Vegetarian Seitan Sausage.

Taft’s vegetarian gyros and sausages are high in protein and have zero cholesterol. They are pre-cooked and ready to eat after heating. Jessica Taft, President and CEO of Taft Foodmasters is confident in the originality and need for her products. “What makes our products interesting is that they aren’t just for vegetarians. They are gaining followers in more mainstream supermarkets, especially in the kosher outlets.” Taft’s products are made in the USA with vital wheat gluten imported from Belgium and Germany. In addition to being kosher, they are vegan, non-GMO, and free of chemicals and preservatives. They are optimistic that once visitors to Kosherfest taste their products and appreciate just how healthy they are, that they will soon be on many more store shelves.