August 6, 2012

Manufacturer of Kosher Dried Fruits Looks Beyond Profits to Encourage Agriculture in Other Countries

WHITE PLAINS, NY — A large importer and processor of kosher certified dried fruits has carved out a unique niche not only in its ability to custom make orders but also their mission of helping economies in countries that grow the fruit. Founded in Turkey in 1929, Bedemco imports and manufactures the highest quality natural and organic dried fruit, dried vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Its products include dried blueberries and cherries, Brazil and pine nuts, dehydrated peppers and garlic, and pumpkin and caraway seeds. Bedemco offers customers the flexibility of producing custom cut, diced, spiced, and blended products. Says the company: “Bedemco’s global presence in the natural and organic dried fruit and vegetable, nut, and seed industry has influenced the growth of interest in dried fruit and nut ingredients. Our work accounts for the institution of new processing techniques, product and packaging improvements, and the establishment of the quality standards across the industry.” 

Perhaps most impressively is Bedemco’s extensive social initiative. In South Africa, they work with the country's largest dried fruit cooperative which has cultivated land and provided a multitude of jobs in areas where formerly only desert existed. In South America they purchase tropical products developed with U.S. AID funds to provide economic alternatives to the growing and trafficking of cocoa. They support and encourage the preservation of the Rainforest by promoting market development of Brazil nuts, and support the use of Green Energy by offering fruit dried through the use of clean, geo-thermal resources. 

In North America, they work with individual farmers and cooperatives supplying conventional and organic products for U.S. consumption and for export. In all these ways and more, they assist in generating income and jobs for farmers and rural workers. Bedemco is certified kosher by the Star-K Kosher Certification, and most of their products are certified organic, as well as being GMO-free.