February 4, 2020

Manischewitz to Roll Out Many New Products for Passover

Bayonne NJ…The acquisition of the B. Manischewitz Co earlier this year by Kayco (Kedem affiliated) will soon be felt in the marketplace as the century plus brand rolls out many new items in time for the upcoming Passover holiday (begins eve of April 8th). According to Harold Weiss of Kayco, the new products will be in addition to the brand’s longstanding popular items such as Matzoh and macaroons. Some of the new items include refrigerated beets, frozen pizza, Shmura Seder Matzo, chocolate and vanilla wafers, beet chips, sweet potato chips, kosher sea salt, and beetroot. For millions of American Jews, Manischewitz is a family brand that is a staple at the traditional seder. One retailer called Manischewitz “a comfort brand” for so many Jews for whom a family Seder is one of the highlights of the year. The food industry will get its first look at Kayco’s plans for the acquired Manischewitz brand. The Newark-based Manischewitz was once a major manufacturer of Matzoh and other products. But in recent years, its Matzoh and other products were manufactured in Israel. With the exception of the growing hand-made Matzohs, only Streit’s still has a manufacturing facility in the US.