January 11, 2010

Manischewitz Introduces All Natural Ready to Serve Broth

Manischewitz has introduced an all-natural line of Ready To Serve Broth. Available in three flavors, Chicken, Reduced Sodium Chicken and Beef the broths are debuting in time for the fall and winter season. The new line of broths are made from a cherished family recipe that includes real kosher chicken and beef, natural spices and vegetables; then slow cooked in small batches to deliver that homemade taste. Available in both easy to open 14 ounce cans and easy to pour 32 ounce reusable cartons, these wholesome broths can be found in the kosher and soup section of supermarkets nationwide. The new broth is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. For additional information visit: www.Manischewitz.com.