May 21, 2019

Major Jewish Newspaper Goes Glossy

Brooklyn…Hamodia (, “the daily newspaper of Torah Jewry,” has revamped the format for its weekly edition with a glossy “Prime Hamodia” as the lead section. In addition, to its daily newspaper, the weekly includes the magazine, two newspaper (tabloid size) sections and its Inyan magazine. Sources say that the change in format was largely due to the publications’ effort to compete with two other lead magazines Mishpacha and Ami, which attract advertisers who prefer the resolution and sharpness of the glossy format. Publisher Mrs. Ruthie Lichtenstein already publishes a glossy weekly magazine for women, Binah, which is on newsstands on Mondays, two days before the Wednesday date for the other magazines. Hamodia is part of the growing number of publications that target the Orthodox Jewish reader. Other newspaper format publications include the long-standing Jewish Press and Yated Ne’eman, an American version of the Israeli Yated Ne’eman. Hamodia also publishes in Israel as well as the UK.