June 20, 2016

Major Dairy Producer Moves into Rapidly Expanding Kosher Food Service

Rutherford, NJ…Norman’s Dairy, one of the leading Chalav Yisrael producers of yogurt and other dairy products has in recent months expanded into the rapidly growing food service segment of the kosher market, now believed to account for 40% of annual kosher food sales. As the first company to produce chalav yisrael Greek Yogurt, the company says that it will continue to produce new quality kosher dairy products, the only kosher dairy company that produces the products out of its own exclusive chalav yisrael plant. It now sells such products as cream cheese, butter, and pastry cheese to food service with farmer’s cheese not far behind. Food industry experts say that they expect a growing trend by many manufactures who heretofore focused only on the retail market to greatly expand their options to food service.