November 21, 2016

Ma Mammia! Italian Chocolate Spread, Parvella, Winner of Kosherfest’s ‘Best in Show’ Award, Wows at the Show

Secaucus NJ - Italy has always been synonymous with pizza and pasta, but now there is a new kid on the block with Parvella, a high quality Italian chocolate spread. Awarded this year’s prestigious ‘Best in Show’ Award at Kosherfest, Parvella has made quite a splash in the US world of kosher. The product is the brainchild of Italian Gabriele Zarrugh and his Toronto-born wife, who were looking for a chocolate spread without palm oil for their brood. “Our children love chocolate spread but after the EU declared palm oil toxic for children there was no way I was going to let them eat it in abundance,” explained Mrs. Zarrugh. “We couldn’t find any chocolate spread without palm oil so we decided to produce it ourselves. We worked with a local Italian chocolatier with over 120 years to create the perfect hazelnut chocolate spread.  We’ve had a great response in Italy with many kosher and non-kosher caterers loving the fact that our spread is not only palm oil free, but free of milk, gluten, eggs, and peanuts. Now we are looking to move into the American and Canadian markets and hope it will be available soon.” The response was so remarkable that Parvella has now moved into the retail sphere as well. The word down the aisles of the Kosherfest Exhibitors Hall was all Parvella and booth#443. One well known kosher cookbook author declared, “I can’t wait until I can buy Parvella in my local kosher store. I’m already dreaming about all the recipes that I create with it.”  The vegan friendly product is certified by the OK and available in four flavors: intense hazelnut, hazelnut and vanilla, coffee, and smooth orange