November 30, 2009

Luck Chen Noodles Introduces Pre-Cooked Asian Noodles

Luck Chen Noodles is a microwavable pre-cooked Asian noodle dish that is offered in a variety of five delicious flavors: Spicy Kung Pao, Sweet & Sour, Soy Ginger, Spicy Szechwan and Sesame Teriyaki. The noodles are steam-cooked and packaged to be shelf-stable and do not require any refrigeration. Luck Chen noodles are not fried or dehydrated. They contain no MSG, artificial flavors or colors. They are lower in sodium by as much as eighty percent than the other microwavable noodles that are currently available in today’s market. This is the first time the kosher market has seen this type of product and it has received countless raves from people who have tried it. The secret to Luck Chen’s success isn’t just in the secret recipe they have for their sauces and spices, but also in how the noodles are made and processed. Luck Chen utilizes a patented method to manufacture its noodles and allowing the sauces and spices to complement each other with a marked synergy in taste when they’re combined. The sauces, spices, and noodles are designed for each other. Kosher certified under the Orthodox Union (OU) , Pareve and Bishul Yisroel. For more information please visit T: 646 289 8683 or email: [email protected] The products are distributed by Quality Frozen Foods.