June 4, 2018

Long-Time Kosher Distributor in Successful Transition to New World of Kosher

Brooklyn, NY…” Kosher food distribution is no longer only about delivering products to stores,” Matis Sofer, the CEO of Quality Frozen Foods points out. Founded in 1976 by the Semel brothers, Quality today is managed by a younger generation of executives who see distribution as an entrée to the rapidly burgeoning younger kosher market. Known as the “king of frozen,” Quality is proud of its history of being the innovators behind frozen gefilte fish as well as one of its more successful brands, Chopsie’s Kosher Pizza, named for the very first kosher pizza store in the 1950’s in Crown Heights. The Quality team today is bent on introducing many new and innovative items like mini-pancakes, Belgian waffles, gluten-free frozen cookie dough and more. “This is a far cry from the old school of mimicking items that are already on the shelf, often having multiple versions of the same item,” says Mr. Sofer.

The Quality team very much has its ear to the ground on the needs and wants of kosher consumers. They use social media to monitor the pulse of the customer and as a way of educating kosher consumers about the products they distribute. With some 5500 items on their distribution list, the Quality team carefully vets the products that are most likely to succeed. Their focus on new products is in tune with the quest by millennials to enjoy some new and creative foods. Mr. Sofer says that the strict control on inventory assures a minimum of excess. Like many in the kosher food industry, collections are an ever-present challenge especially in an age where margins for distributors is as low as it is. Matis is quite passionate about the rebranding and adaption to a new world of kosher, which he says is moving the company forward in a dramatic way. “Who would have believed that aufschnit and beef jerky would be such best sellers?” he asks as an emphasis on just how much the world of kosher has changed.