March 6, 2017

Local Va’adim Move to New Age of Kashrus at Oxnard Conference

Oxnard, CA - The Va’adim (local kashrus committees) came face to face with the new modern challenges of providing kosher certification in communities throughout America in a new era of change. Sponsored by the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO), the two-day conference (February 13-14), dealt with such topics as “Improving Relationships with Proprietors; Intricacies of Certifying Cannabis, Nicotine and other related products; to a presentation regarding Airline Meals and the Kashrus of Medicine.”  Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, the executive director of AKO who also serves as the Rabbinic Administrator of the cRc based in Chicago called this year’s conference “one of the best AKO Vaadim Conventions to date.” Other notable discussions covered such issues as the administration of Va’adim; Food Service Shabbos Standards; Minimum Standards to be a Food Service Mashgiach as well as Quality Control of Vegetable Inspection Programs.  Also on the agenda was the latest information regarding Starbucks; Time Clocks, Robots and the relationship to “bishul akum.”