September 5, 2018

Salmonella Scare in Kosher is Rare but Possible

New York…There have been relatively few Salmonella scares in the kosher community but the recent episodes with poultry and vegetables has many kosher consumers on edge. The episodes were particularly worrisome because at least one death was attributed to Salmonella. Food experts advise manufacturers to “recall first and speculate second.” On occasion, a food manufacturer may investigate the source but, say the experts, a company will gain more browning points if a scare proves to be a false alarm than a delayed reaction. Once a scare is verified, the experts advise, it is important to caution consumers to take extra care in handling the infected category. For example, in the current atmosphere, consumers would be advised to exercise caution when handling raw poultry. All in all, say the experts, the incidents of Salmonella in kosher is relatively rare, which is testimony of the industry’s extremely cautious approach to meeting safety standards.