June 27, 2011

LevanaÕs New Perfect Cookbook Ð Well, it Will be Perfect

New York…Of all the myriad accomplishments of Levana Kirschenbaum, her newest book The Whole Foods Kitchen was to be her signature work. The longtime chef of Manhattan's kosher gourmet restaurant, Levana, produced a book that took healthy eating to a new level. With dishes like Iced Minted Honeydew and Kiwi Soup, Balsamic Roasted Chicken Breasts, Chinese Meatloaf, and Molten Chocolate Cake, she wanted to clearly demonstrate that healthy eating need not be bland and lacking taste. The Whole Food Kitchen consists of more than 250 recipes and amazing illustrations. But despite the book’s release, Levana is not happy with the end product, as she spells out in an e-mail to her supporters and on her blog: “Instead of the celebration I was envisioning upon its release, it has become my torment…. I am terribly sorry (and deeply embarrassed) to say there were major technical glitches in the production of the book. As a result, the finished book in its present form doesn’t begin to do justice to its valuable contents and gorgeous pictures. ..We will be going into bigger-better-more-beautiful-new-price reprint, very soon please G-d! We will end up with the beautiful book this book was meant to be, every bit as beautiful as my previous ones. Please bear with me! I am forever grateful for all your continued friendship and support, and I will do you proud, I guarantee it!” Now, that’s perfection in every sense of the word.