December 16, 2013

Leading Greek Yogurt Maker Comes in Second with Lite 100 Calories

NEW YORK — Chobani, America's leading Greek Yogurt brand, announced last week with great fanfare the introduction of Chobani Simply 100™ Greek Yogurt, the “first and only 100-calorie authentic strained Greek Yogurt made with only natural ingredients.” Not so! That distinction belongs to Norman’s, based in Rutherford NJ, which launched its Greek Lite in several flavors more than a month ago. Norman’s introduced the first line of Cholov Yisrael Greek Yogurt products in November 2012. Mehadrin, a leading producer of Cholov Yisrael products followed with its Greek Yogurt products last month. 

The Mehadrin line still does not include a Lite. "Until now, consumers looking for a 100-calorie Greek Yogurt with natural ingredients haven't had an option,” said a Chobani spokesman. While both Chobani and Norman’s claim that their 5.3 oz. cup is only 100-calories and 0 grams of fats, Norman’s claims 13 grams of protein while Chobani offers 12  grams. Retailers in large kosher markets say that the demand for Greek Yogurt has soared. They say that Mehadrin’s entry into the market has only served to raise demand by more than 50% with Norman’s retaining a healthy lead. The Norman’s Lite product has helped company sales rise well above sales only a month ago. Norman’s produces its own Greek Yogurt in an exclusive Cholov Yisrael plant in Rutherford NJ.