September 20, 2010

Leading Flagship Kosher Store Plans a ÒGrandÓ Reopening on October 7th

Evanston, ILL…Long before the kosher mart within a supermarket took hold in many parts of the country, the Jewel’s supermarket was already a model kosher store that took the Chicago area by storm. The store thrived even more under SuperValu and its kosher director Yakov Yarmove, emerging as the flagship kosher store for the large chain. On October 7th, the store will unveil its new look with an expanded kosher section that will further enhance its coveted reputation. Preparations for the grand reopening have been under way for weeks. Distributors like Kehe, DPI and Twin City who were hard at work to prepare the various sections in the store were urged to support demos and promotions to make the grand opening yet another holiday. Says Mr. Yarmove: “This has been one of those projects I have always wanted to do, knowing how the Kosher consumers palate has truly evolved over the past several years-to a much more gourmet and mainstream level.”

In what can only be described as a “sign of the times” and a true reflection of the evolving palate of the kosher consumer, the store will feature a huge showcase of kosher cheese. In addition to the line of cheese found nowadays in most kosher dairy sections (i.e. Anderson, Sugar River, Tnuva, World Cheese and Oneg PLUS), the showcase will include exotic cheeses from France, England, and Holland. Israeli upscale brands like Barkanit and Gad are also slated to be in the case.