April 15, 2019

Late Shopping for Passover despite Being Late

Chicago…With less than a week until Passover, stores were stocked to the brim with the holiday foods, observed Yakov Yarmove of Albertson’s who had visited supermarkets and independent kosher stores in major cities around the US. He and others in the industry noted that more customers are keeping their pantries free of the kosher foods until the week before Passover, which this year’s calendar clearly affords. Customers rated stores that were able to keep a balance of daily and Passover foods in their aisles as the best shopping destinations in the weeks before Passover. Mr. Yarmove noted that the full week of shopping days was probably the main reason for the late onset of the shopping. For example, in 2020, Passover falls on Tuesday evening April 7th which means that the shopping will all be done a week prior. Other kosher food officials noted that shoppers also rated stores based on their layout of the Passover sets. Some stores around the country that received high marks included the kosher independents and stores like Wegman’s.