March 21, 2018

Largest On-Line Grocers Move Ever Closer to Kosher; 13,000 on Amazon

New York…The day is fast approaching when many kosher purchases will be done on-line, most likely on Amazon, Walmart or on-line store sites. Several Amazon consultants reached by Kosher Today said that they counted as many as 13,000 items on Amazon alone that either indicate that they are kosher or feature a kosher symbol. They say that if one added other products that are kosher but not indicated on the label, it might be double that number. Walmart, arguably the largest US grocer, already has many kosher products in its stores and even features Kosher for Passover items in many locales. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods may give them a further edge as the chain carries more than 40% of its items with a kosher certification or deemed not to need a hechsher. Kosher food experts say that the kosher on—line business is very much tied to the general habits of consumers. “Many shoppers still want to eyeball the foods they buy, albeit many on-line home delivery sites are thriving,” said one Amazon expert. For kosher purveyors, signing up for Amazon is not an automatic, the experts point out, equating it with simply putting a product on the shelf without any strategic plan.