April 27, 2021

Labeling Company Finds New Customers Each Year at Kosherfest; Looks Forward to November (9-10)

Secaucus…by Eda Kram…As more companies sign up for this fall’s Kosherfest (November 9-10) at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, some keep returning because it is such a major source of new business. "YSR Label Systems has been attending Kosherfest for many years. Each year the show provides us with the opportunity to personally meet with existing customers to strengthen brand loyalty and to create lasting business relationships with other vendors and industry professionals." says Joel Kraus, CEO, YSR. “The show was a great source of getting new customers for our business.”

Mr. Kraus continued: "We look forward to Kosherfest this year and all future shows to provide us with new business leads, presenting networking opportunities, and giving us the chance to meet more clients and help them with all their label needs."

YSR Label Systems (www.ysrlabelsystems.com) is a full-service high quality custom label printing company. In explaining his business, Mr. Kraus noted: “Custom label printing is more than a go-to marketing strategy; it's an opportunity for a business to convey professionalism and elevate their customer care experience.” Whether it is custom labels, supermarket labels, scale labels or printed kosher tape or creating labels for Amazon sellers, YSR label systems stand out for their unique design.