February 28, 2011

KosherfestÕs Best New Oil Makes to Canada

Tel Aviv…Kosher Today Israel Bureau Chief…Israeli Gold gourmet extra virgin olive oils is now available at Sobeys stores in western Canada's Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan provinces. John McBride, President of Harrington Trace Corporation, a gourmet food import company, said that they wanted to offer consumers the unique flavor characteristics of Israeli oil, and that he was extremely pleased that Sobeys is bringing Israeli Gold Olive oils to Canada. The Israel Export Institute reports that the company announced that its Israeli Gold extra virgin olive oil, selected from among the best olive oil producers in Israel, was a great success in the US during its introductory year of 2005. Israel Gold's Manzanilla varietal was awarded the prize for Best New Oil, at that year's Kosherfest food expo. The emergence of great olive oil was also mentioned at the Jerusalem International Book Fair that took place last week. "If you wanted olive oil (in Israel)," said Chef Israel Ahroni, “you had to have a friend who had a friend who knew someone who lived in an Arab village. It was only via the much beloved Italian cuisine that olive oil penetrated the local kitchen." Kosher cookbook author Joan Nathan joined Israeli colleagues Aharoni, as well as chef Ezra Kedem, of Jerusalem's landmark restaurant Arcadia, to talk about the meaning of Jewish food. The session was moderated by Washington, D.C. bread baker Mark Furstenberg.