November 2, 2021

Kosherfest to Open Next Tuesday November 9th with Much to Celebrate

Secaucus, NJ…The kosher food industry will gather next Tuesday and Wednesday November 9-10 for the 32nd edition of the international kosher food show amidst dramatic changes in the industry. Notwithstanding the ongoing concern over Covid, unprecedented supply chain issues, and labor shortages, the industry has thrived since Kosherfest 2019. In fact, estimates are that in some areas, namely Brooklyn and Lakewood NJ, the kosher food sales grew by nearly 18%, its biggest increase since the mid 2010’s. When the show does open, there will be some notable absences from overseas, but the show will still have close to 300 booths, including some of the iconic kosher food companies such as Streit’s, Elegant Desserts, Setton International, KJ Poultry, Alle Processing, and Kayco (Kedem).  Despite some travel restrictions in many nations, there will still be representative booths from eight countries, including the Czech Republic, Israel, China, UK, Dubai, South Africa, Karachi, and Mexico,

In addition, many key buyers of major chains will also be coming, particularly some who represent stores in the region. One key purveyor said: “It has been two years since some of us have met face to face and Kosherfest will be a great opportunity to reconnect.” Several exhibitors are flying in buyers and key representatives from around the country. The purveyor added that he “congratulates Kosherfest for putting on the show despite the obvious challenges of the times.”