September 29, 2020

Kosherfest Postponement Forces Industry to Make Changes

Brooklyn, NY…Izzie had spent the better part of two years developing a new product and had every expectation to launch his innovative food dressing at Kosherfest 2020. Ellie Kriel had hoped to make a big push for the new kosher capabilities in Dubai at the show. She showcased some of her dishes at Kosherfest 2019. The annual Conference of the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO) that usually takes place after Kosherfest will not take place in person this year but in a virtual format in mid-November. For many exhibitors and trade visitors, the postponement of the show in 2020 means that they will not be connecting on a personal level this Fall. Instead, many have organized video conferences with groups of key buyers. “It seems that our industry like the rest of the world have learnt to communicate via Zoom and teleconferences.” Yet, there is unanimity in that the new normal is no replacement for pressing the flesh at shows. “I know that some shows like the Fancy Food Show are doing events virtually but somehow the community of kosher needs to meet in person,” said one kosher food officials.

As Kosherfest officials ponder plans for 2021, there still may be some virtual events. Plans are being made to host the annual New Product Competition as well as some of the seminars that always draw large numbers of buyers.