November 21, 2017

Kosherfest Mirrors Worldwide Increased Interest in Kosher

Secaucus, NJ - An increasing number of nations across the globe are venturing into kosher with the expectation of profiting from the rapidly expanding kosher food industry. Kosherfest 2017 is a good example of this growing interest as there were exhibits from more than a dozen nations including Israel, Canada, Argentina, Peru, Sri Lanka, Japan, Mexico, the UK, Spain, Italy, and South Africa amongst others. For ingredient companies, going kosher is a no-brainer, say the experts. Countries like China, India and Japan have hundreds of companies that have kosher certification. Some of the largest kosher certification agencies, including the Star-K, OU, and the OK operate in many of the 99 countries that now produce kosher certified products. With many of the largest food producers in the US requiring kosher certified products, companies seeking to penetrate those markets are obligated to go kosher. Israel and the US are two very large markets that many nations seek to gain market share. Israel imports kosher products from around the globe. US companies are constantly on the hunt for new kosher products produced internationally. An increasing number of countries are also producing kosher wines which continue to grow.

Many governments are actively courting the kosher food industry, some even offering financial support to companies to encourage the trade of kosher foods. It is obvious that these countries have an insignificant kosher business but are looking to kosher to boost exports.