September 1, 2021

Kosherfest is a date for Devik International’s Growing Dates Business

White Plains, NY…By Eda Kram…The principals at Devek International flaunt a secret that has made them such a success: “Few companies realize just how profitable or important a high performing dried fruit offering can be.” They believe that this often-overlooked low shrink, high margin category is exactly what made Devik such a success. Devik International is glad to see the Kosherfest show resume “and we are looking forward to meeting our old and loyal clients as well as meeting new potential partners. We all know with a show like this, it only takes one good new partnership to make the investment worthwhile. We are confident Devik can be that partner.”

Founded in 1986, Devik International is one of the largest and most trusted importer and distributors of dates in North America. In recent years, the double-digit growth in Medjool date consumption has driven the category into the majority of healthy consumers' pantries. Retailers and consumers alike value the long shelf-life of dates, making them a low-risk fruit to hold in inventory for retailers and a healthy snack for households to buy. Devik International is the exclusive importer and distributor of Hadikalim Date Growers Cooperative, Israel which is the largest grower in the world of the Medjool variety. They distribute such brands as King Solomon, Jordan River and Delilah. Devik’s dates are distributed year-round under the supervision of the Badatz Kashrut certification, including for Passover