August 4, 2014

Kosherfest Gets Shout-Out in US News & World Report

NEW  YORK — In an article entitled Why Is Kosher Food So Attractive? US News & World Report (July 25, 2014) motes: “Kosher shoppers purchase certain foods to comply with their religious beliefs and guidelines, yet a recent survey found that many of us who are not kosher are laying down extra cash for products marked as such for myriad reasons.”

The prestigious magazine quoted Kosherfest statistics that point to sales of kosher foods well beyond traditional kosher consumers, Jews who observe the dietary laws. The magazine continues: “And why has the word ‘kosher’ on food labels become so trendy? Sixty-two percent of people shop kosher because they believe these items are “safer,” since they're produced under stricter supervision than the basic food supply that is overseen by government inspection…So what is unique about kosher foods, and how can “kosher” on the label benefit you? You can be assured that the overseeing and certification of kosher food is done under rigorous conditions and by the use of guidelines that are never abandoned. Unlike government regulations, these are laws that will not change. These assurances, however, do not govern the calorie, sugar, fat or nutritional profile of a food.”