February 19, 2020

Kosherfest Best Product Awardees Reap Benefits from Prize; Many See Sales Soar

New York…Products that win awards at the annual Kosherfest New Product Competition can increase sales by as much as 30%, a Kosher Today survey showed. Many of the interviewed winners felt that their winning products get noticed more by consumers and are more likely to get on shelves with the award. Natalie Glazier of Au Bon Cakes, a winner of the 2019 competition for her siddur (prayer book) font 8 mm letters, for cookie and cake design, definitely feels that getting the award had an impact on sales: “Attending Kosherfest 2019 and winning the Best New Product definitely had a positive impact on our business,” she said.

Mrs. Glazier also credited the award for a great deal of publicity in conventional and social media. “Because of the award, we were featured in 8 different articles in the USA, France, and Israel…and we were featured on many attendee's social media sites.” She added: “Onsite sales from attendees were robust. Our website traffic was multiples higher during that week, and we know that some of the online orders received during and subsequent to the show were from customers that first heard of us through the press and social media exposure.” Allison Luckman of GF Goodies, said: "Winning Best New Product for our Vegan Top 8 Free Bagels was a steppingstone towards business in communities that might not otherwise have exposure to our very much needed products." Several others said that when they featured the award in ads, they noticed a spike in sales. An increasing number of products are entered into the New Product Competition each year