October 25, 2010

Kosherfest Becomes a ÒReal Buying Show,Ó Veteran Exhibitors Say

Secaucus, NJ…”It was the best show ever!” “It featured the best quality buyers!” “It was the best attended show!” These were some of the comments from visitors and exhibitors alike who participated in the 22nd Annual Kosherfest. But the most encouraging comments came from veteran exhibitors who say that the show has “evolved into a real buying show!” Several exhibitors said that they wrote “substantial” orders during the two day show which took place October 26-27. Some buyers said that they were impressed with many of the new products at the show, particularly those that were gluten-free, a growing category in kosher. One distributor who has been coming to Kosherfest “since its inception” says that he picked up at least a dozen products that he will represent, including 5 new items “I like for Passover.” The success of the show resulted in an unprecedented rush to book space for 2011 (November 8-9, 2011, a reflection of the fact that this year’s edition was sold out weeks in advance of the show.