June 20, 2016

With Kosherfest as Anchor Show More Kosher Purveyors Also Exhibit at Other Shows

Houston…Some of the bellwether kosher food purveyors are turning up at major food shows around the country seeking to reinforce and expand their reach beyond the traditional kosher food market. At the recent show of the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association show here, there were a number of those manufacturers, including Sprinkle’s and Aaron’s. They were also at the Winter Fancy Food Show and at The Sweets & Snacks Expo. Despite exhibiting at various mainstream shows, the purveyors still feel that Kosherfest is their anchor show where most of their business is conducted and where most of their buyers are seen. Some industry leaders say that their presence at the shows, however small, contributes to a national profile for kosher. At the IDDBA as in other shows, a significant number of companies have kosher certification. One visitor said that “virtually the entire baking industry is kosher” or so it seemed at the show. There will be a healthy contingent of kosher food purveyors at the upcoming Fancy Food show. One exhibitors of at least two shows this year said that his presence at the show reinforces his brand but that the ultimate signature event is Kosherfest.