September 29, 2014

Kosherfest Adds Anti-Microbial Products to Growing List of Products

SECAUCUS, NJ — The upcoming edition of Kosherfest (November 11-12, Meadowlands Exposition Center) will once again showcase a myriad of new kosher products that are new to supermarket shelves. Many of the 60 new exhibits will be introducing new kosher food products at the 26th annual Kosherfest. But amongst the 400 booths will be a small but growing category of “kosher related” products or products that very much play a part in the kosher industry albeit that they may not be food. One such new exhibitor this year will be Anti-Microbial Products, the leading manufacturer and supplier of EPA certified food service gloves which are highly effective at eliminating cross contamination of many leading food borne viruses such as Salmonella and E-Coli. These non-toxic, hypoallergenic gloves eliminate cross contamination on contact. These are one of a kind gloves that kill bacteria by inhibiting growth of microorganisms by using an electro-chemical mode of action to penetrate and disrupt their cell walls. The gloves are made from Vinyl, Latex, or Nitrile and come in many sizes and colors.

Andrew Udis, CEO of Anti-Microbial Products, said that there have recently been so many outbreaks of diseases, all of which are preventable with the gloves. Andrew says that he has been to many trade food shows but is looking forward to Kosherfest because he knows that kosher consumers are already exposed “to everything that is cleaner.”