July 27, 2015

Kosherfest 2015 Shaping up as International Showcase

Secaucus NJ - It is now just over 3 ½ months until the 27th edition of Kosherfest which is set for November 10-11 at the Meadowlands Convention Center. The show continues to attract exhibitors from around the world. This year, there will be pavilions and exhibits from Argentina, Canada, Italy, France, Thailand, China, Australia, Israel, Turkey, Spain and the UK. For international exhibitors, exhibiting at Kosherfest offers them the opportunity to meet distributors, wholesalers and retailers who serve the kosher market. It is often the fastest way for an international product to make it on shelves of supermarkets. The international products are also very much in demand by a growing number of upscale kosher consumers. Israel has always had a major pavilion at Kosherfest as Israeli foods and wines are an integral part of the kosher market. In 2014, Israel exported more than $260 million of foods and wines to North America.