July 7, 2014

Kosherfest 2014 to Continue Trend Toward Healthier, More Upscale Foods

PORTLAND, ME — With little more than five months to go, there are already indications that Kosherfest 2014 will continue the trend of kosher manufacturers that produce more upscale and healthier items. A review of some two dozen new exhibitors for the 26th annual Kosherfest (Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus NJ - November 11-12, 2014) shows a growing trend towards healthier, more natural, organic and gluten-free items.

Some of this year’s new exhibitors include Mauzone Mania (flatbreads), Cosmopolitan Foods (gourmet items), Atlantic Natural Foods, Tastle USA (premium coffee products imported from Europe), Local Oven (gluten free baked goods), Erath Circle Organics, Soypro, Goldbaum’s (healthy snack foods), Citrus from the Spanish Region of Murcia, Flatout flatbreads, Sophie’s Kitchen (vegan seafood), La Rustichella Truffles, and CNS Confectionery (gourmet baked goods). The trend at Kosherfest over the past few years has definitely moved in the direction of healthier foods. The number of booths in recent years featuring gluten-free has grown tremendously with even long term exhibitors adding gluten-free products to the mix. Experts are not exactly sure why gluten-free has taken off to the extent that it has. 

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote: “Many health experts say there is no proven benefit to going gluten-free except for a small sliver of the population whose bodies can’t process the protein.” But while gluten-free items may have dwarfed organic and natural, the combination of these items has created a much healthier profile for Kosherfest. All of this does not include items with such claims as lower sodium, sugar-free and fat-free. For those who may already be asking as to “what’s new at Kosherfest?,” the early answer is “lots!”