October 28, 2019

Kosherfest ’19 Offers Some of the Best New Products for the Mainstream Food Industry

Secaucus NJ…Kosherfest’19, which opens at the Meadowlands Exposition Center on November 13th, should be viewed as more than a kosher food show, industry experts say. “It is a showcase of new and exciting products, innovation, and next generation for the entire food industry,” said one long-time exhibitor. In fact, points out Bentzie Miller of Quality Foods, a leading Kosherfest exhibitor, many mainstream products get their start with kosher before moving on to the mainstream markets. Quality, which distributes more than 4500 items, including 30-40 new brands a year, is proud of its history of helping start-ups and small companies penetrate the kosher market and move on to the mainstream market. Miller cites many examples in his portfolio but there are similar cases throughout the show. He points to the success of Wayfair which was launched less than four years ago as a non-dairy line of products that is today on many supermarket shelves. Miller singles out the potential of a brand like Betterine, which looks like a stick of butter or margarine for cooking but is made of coconut with a neutral taste and with less fat and less calories. “It is a winner in any setting, kosher or non-kosher,” he says. Even Aufschnitt, a line of gourmet and artisan and all-natural dried and aged beef and turkey jerky products, is making it in stores like Costco. Kayco/Kedem, which this year will be part of its newly acquired Manischewitz brand, has had success with its trend-setting beet products and with grape juice and other wines in non-kosher markets. “It is a major tribute to the kosher food industry that it is now producing products that appeal to every palate,” a major distributor told Kosher Today.