November 7, 2016

KosherFeast and AKO Conference Highlight Kosherfest Related Events

New York - One day after Kosherfest on November 17th, kosher certification agencies and supervising rabbis from around the world will gather at the Downtown Manhattan headquarters of the Orthodox Union. This year’s event will be in memory of the venerable kashrus authority, Rabbi Yisrael Belsky, who had graced many of the previous conferences. The event is sponsored by the Association of Kashrus Agencies (AKO), headed by Rabbi Sholem Fishbane who is also the Kashrus Administrator for the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

The day before Kosherfest opens on November 14th, bloggers, journalists and cookbook authors will gather for the 6th Annual KosherFeast at the Le Mararis Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Executive Chef and founder Jose Meirelles will present an exclusive dinner

created especially for KosherFeast. Cocktails and Wine Pairings will be presented by the Royal Wine Company. The 2016 honourees include Cutting Edge Kosher, Mendel Segal - Rabbi-Q, Amy Kritzer - Founder "WhatJewWannaEat," Kosher Pioneers, Naftali and Anna Hanau of Grow and Behold, and Paula Shoyer - Cookbook author, TV Personality, Cooking Instructor. Naomi Nachman will be returning as the MC for the evening. The event is also sponsored by, which will offer thousands of kosher recipes from favourite kosher cookbook authors, writers and bloggers. It will feature a central database of Jewish magazine recipes, as well as menu generators and shopping list makers to help you easily cook up a storm in your kitchen.