June 4, 2019

Kosher Wines Score Big at Major International Competition

Hawthorne NY…Kosher wines are receiving overwhelming accolades at international competitions, faring extremely well at the Ultimate Wine Challenge, one of the world’s most respected and serious wine competitions. Phil, Sheryl and Spencer Jones as well as Matt Rutherford recorded a 96, winning the Chairman’s Trophy for Pacifica Riesling 2017. Amichai Lurie won the Chairman’s Trophy for the Shiloh Legend Fiddler 2016.Other winners were Moises Cohen from Elvi/Clos Mesorah, Ofer and Aharon at Or Haganuz, Assaf Paz at Vitkin (finalists list), and Ido Lewinsohn and Zach Meltzer from Barkan-Segal. Other kosher wines, many distributed by Royal Wines won Great Value and Tried & True Award. The Ultimate Wine Challenge is but the latest international competition to recognize the quality of kosher wines, specifically Israeli wines.