July 10, 2018

“Kosher Vegan,” an Oxymoron to Some and a Growing Trend to Others, Even Kosher Wines

New York…”It is not possible to be a kosher vegan unless there is a good reason from a health perspective,” a leading Brooklyn rabbi told Kosher Today. The rabbi argued that much of Jewish tradition and law requires consuming products from animals including meat, eggs, or dairy products, all animal derived products that vegans seek to avoid. He pointed out that a meal is considered a meal if it includes “meat, fish, and all kinds of delicacies.” His discourse included a lecture on the animal sacrifices that were required during the First and Second Temple. Yet, there is growing evidence that vegan food is becoming increasingly popular and not only with the widely accepted sushi.

According to Nathan Herzog of Royal Wine, “the vegan category is growing steadily, and the demand for vegan wines is no exception.” Mr. Herzog added: “In the absence of an internationally accepted Vegan-certified logo, some of our suppliers have already signed a letter at my request confirming that all of their wines are vegan-friendly, and therefore have not come in contact with any animal-derived ingredients at any stage of the winemaking process.” The wineries that have thus far confirmed that all of their wines are vegan are include Elvi, Capçanes, Castel, Jezreel, Koenig, Covenant, Covenant Israel, and Hagafen. Kosher Vegan continues to grow on restaurant menus, in new products, and in recipe forums.