June 20, 2016

Kosher Travel Guide Maps Out Kosher in all 50 States and Canada

Brooklyn, NY… The continued growth of kosher nationwide spells good news for travelers and vacationers especially with the approaching summer months. According to the 2016 Kosher Travel Guide, published by Kashrus Magazine, kosher food is available in 343 cities across the United States. “We’ve been publishing an annual Travel Guide since 1993,” said Rabbi Yosef Wikler, editor of Kashrus Magazine. “We hadn’t really planned to include all 50 states, but when we realized that we were just 7 states short of the whole country, we plowed ahead and gathered information for the remaining ones.” The magazine is also known for its annual review of kosher symbols which is now at over 1360. Rabbi Wikler makes note of the dramatic changes around the country, pointing to the increased presence of Chabad satellites in many remote areas of the country. But it is also noteworthy how many mainstream supermarkets feature kosher sections, frozen meals, and many of the basic kosher staples a traveler might need. It also includes many new kosher restaurants which have sprung up in the last year.