June 15, 2015

Kosher Today Webinar to Address Marketing Israeli Products to US Consumers

Portland, ME - With nearly $260 million of Israeli foods exported to North America, it is a good bet that many of these products will end up on US supermarket shelves. But to get to the shelves, Israeli manufacturers and US importers will have to be resourceful in their marketing. Israeli food companies have an extremely receptive market in the 12 million American consumers who buy kosher. This will be the theme of tomorrow’s special Kosher Today Webinar. Even with a large receptive consumer audience, Israeli manufacturers and US importers must develop a strategic plan to overcome competition from US products.

In this webinar, Joe Plueger (K.M.K. Distributors), a seasoned expert in kosher with a vast experience in the distribution and marketing of kosher food products, will discuss branding, distribution, consumer preference, and other key ingredients for a successful product launch