June 24, 2019

Kosher Takes Center Stage on Instagram; Reaches One Million Posts

New York…by Mussy Raitman…During the week of June 11th the hashtag #kosher reached one million posts, a huge milestone for the kosher industry. Over the last couple of years, the kosher industry has systematically begun to appreciate the role of social media, according to Yarden Horwitz, a trendspotting specialist previously with Google. This dramatic shift has taken hold over the last two years. The industry has particularly begun to take notice as a result of the involvement of hundreds of Jewish food bloggers and tens of thousands of followers. Social media has become a focal point in sharing new kosher products and kosher restaurants around the world. Reaching the number of 1 million posts on Instagram proves that although the kosher world might have shown up a little late to the social media party; in 2019 it is a thriving industry that keeps growing daily.