September 5, 2012

Kosher Sweets Take the Cake at Largest Jewish Social Media Event

NEW YORK -- Four Jewish mom bloggers in the tri-state area established a community for Jewish bloggers and brands, an opportunity to connect and network in person and then take it online throughout the social media world. Together, they launched SweetUp2012, a networking event that represents the online community for connecting Jewish businesses and blogs at major networking events.

The event was completely free and had a line-up of social media and traditional media experts on-hand to share everything they knew about blogging, including how to best utilize the many tools available to promote and profit from a  blog. 

The highlight of the event was an incredible sweet table. Featured desserts included food from Levana Kirschenbaum, My Most Favorite Food, The Cheese Guy, Oh! Nuts, The Viennese Table, The Coffee Bar, and Cousins Catering.  For many kosher food businesses, the event was the perfect way to learn more about how to use social media to increase their customers. Says Davii Mandel, owner of Cousins Catering: “We actually saw the ad when we were perusing Sharon Langert's (one of the event co-coordinator’s) blog, It took all of four minutes for us to make the decision to attend and also to donate our services with a salad bar. We spend a lot of time promoting our business on Facebook, but didn't know a whole lot about other online options for marketing, so we were instantly attracted to the subject matter. We had a great time, met tons of wonderful people and took lots of pages of notes.”

Brent “The Cheese Guy” Delman also participated in the recent event. “The event was extremely informative for a social media novice like me,” he remarked. “The majority of my time is spent managing my internal business - customers, employees, logistics, and the production and quality of my cheeses. SweetUp gave me an opportunity to momentarily step back from the business and listen to the panel of experts who give me ideas on how to most effectively focus my resources and reach as many potential "cheese lovers" as possible.”

Kosher food companies are increasingly turning to social media to connect with core shoppers. Said one executive of a large kosher food manufacturer: “Social media gives us an opportunity to truly bond with our customers, whom we would otherwise contact with a sound-bite in an ad.”  

Photo by Shayna Punim Photography