September 1, 2021

Kosher Supermarkets Expand their Footprint Beyond Their Own Stores

South Fallsburg…At Landau’s Kosher Supermarket, all summer long there was an impressive display of Breadberry products, including salads, dips, deli, and herring. Breadberry is a high-end kosher supermarket in Boro Park. In previous years products from the Pomegranate kosher supermarket were sold at Center One, a strip mall in Woodridge. Many brands like the Nuttery, Oh Nuts and Ossie’s are also brands that instead of opening their own satellites have chosen to be included in existing supermarkets. The stores say that it is a win-win situation in that it attracts many brand-loyal customers and cuts back on the cost of producing the products in their own stores. Breadberry has expanded its footprint in recent years by opening satellite restaurants, called Breadberry Local with sites in Brooklyn Square and Industry City. The supermarkets have come to realize that there is added value in their brands beyond their own stores which is prompting them to look for new opportunities to expand their brands. One supermarket executive said that it was far more cost-effective to incorporate other supermarket brands than to open new stores. They predict that it will be a growing trend in coming years. Said the executive: “There is broad awareness of all the supermarket brands in the community and as far as the customer is concerned it enhances the shopping experience.”