January 21, 2019

Kosher Super Bowl Parties a Growing Business

New York - Eli, a 37-year old attorney, has hosted a Super bowl party for his friends for more than a decade. “It started with just two friends in 2009 and now we rent a hall, a huge screen and hire a caterer for 20 or so people.” With the Super Bowl scheduled for February 3rd restaurants all over the country are already advertising their specials for what one calls a “Barbecue deluxe.” Jamie Geller, the noted cookbook author, lists more than 25 snacks that is far afield from the traditional popcorn, pretzels and potato chips. It includes a Hummus Bar, Papaya Guacamole, mock crab and artichoke spread, smoked trout dip, salted caramel popcorn, kosher coconut shrimp cocktail and more of the new exotic foods that transcend the traditional items still offered by many restaurants like Mendy’s in its various restaurants. For those for whom Super Bowl means barbecues wings, fried chicken, onion rings, franks, and French fries, there are plenty of those to go around. What is astounding is that it is no longer a side business for many restaurants and retailers. It has become a profit center, much like a holiday. Eli, who used to spend just under $100 now splits a tab of over $3500, “which is much less than my bet,” he jokes. He emphasizes that while the party was originally for his male friends, it now includes women “who are really into these parties.” So add one more holiday to your Yom Tov list, Super Bowl Sunday, which this year is on February 3rd.