December 16, 2013

Kosher Stores Readjust their December Calendars

NEW YORK — It is a Hebrew calendar leap year and it will be several months before attention returns to Purim and the busy Passover holiday. Traditionally, December is known for being Chanukah month but because of a quirk in the calendar Chanukah was over by December 5th leaving the rest of the month devoid of a theme. In a survey by Kosher Today, several stores said they would concentrate on Tu B’Shvat (15TH day of the Hebrew month of Shvat), which is the New Year for Trees and a time when fruits, particularly exotic fruits, are eaten. Several stores will be selling Tu B’shvat gift baskets, while others are using the opportunity to simply focus on their fruit and produce department. In recent years, Tu B’shvat has emerged as a time of celebration prompting one Web site to call it “the celebration of fruits.”