August 1, 2016

Kosher Stores are Healthier and Snackier, Experts Say

Brooklyn, NY - Kosher groceries are constantly adding to their healthier foods selection with some stores reporting nearly a fourth of all their items to be gluten free, natural or organic. Probiotics is also making its presence known including in the refrigerated section where Norman’s Yogurt is featuring a line of the healthy fare. But nowhere is the transition to healthier foods seen more clearly than in the snack aisle where low calorie, sugar-free and gluten-free items are now fillings shelves that have become a major profit center for the kosher stores. According to experts, snack foods in general are outpacing the growth of all other categories with expectations that it will grow by nearly 6% each year until 2020 with expected sales of over $25 billion. The experts noted that snack foods, once buried as end caps or at the end of long aisles, now have a major aisle of their own. This is also true in kosher supermarkets. Some stores even strategically place plastic bags in the aisles to help shoppers fill the bags in much the same way as they would in the produce aisle. Some estimates put the national kosher snack category at over $50 million.