August 20, 2019

Kosher Stores are Judged on Good Produce Department

Monsey NY…Tirtza loves the Evergreen Supermarket because of “its expanded great produce department.” She is part of a growing number of customers that chose kosher supermarkets based on their produce departments. Supermarket experts say a good produce department is the best showcase to the whole supermarket. They say that color, freshness, and a natural look all contribute to an impression a supermarket conveys at the entrance. Consumer research indicates that when choosing a grocery store, there’s no bigger turn-off than a disappointing produce department. A National Grocers Association-Supermarket Guru Consumer Survey concluded that “while retailers may offer different products, prices and layouts than competitors, 92% of shoppers agree that quality of fresh produce is the single most important factor for when choosing a grocery store.” The survey determined the produce department is the only measure that over 90% of consumers said was “very important” in their selection of a primary supermarket. According to kosher experts the produce departments in stores have been greatly upgraded in most stores with some neighborhood stores falling woefully behind. Those that haven’t upgraded their produce, say the experts, should not expect a customer to be loyal. Said one: “They will shop for a few items but will definitely shop elsewhere that has better produce and frequently it goes together with better quality meats.”