May 25, 2021

Kosher Status of Beyond Meat Goes Well Beyond Core Kosher Market

El Segundo CA…Chuck Muth is the successful Chief Growth Officer (CGO) for Beyond Meat, helping grow the company’s net revenues from $16 million to $400 million from 2017 to 2020 and expanding distribution to over 80 countries, including Israel. To Beyond Meat, there was never any doubt that the plant-based products needed a major kosher certification for its worldwide sales. “We have been alongside them since the beginning in 2009 as they wanted any customer regardless of religious background to be assured that the product was kosher,” said Rabbi Eli Lando, the Executive Manager of the OK Kosher Certification.

While Beyond Meat recognizes that the pareve burgers, chopped meat and sausages are a natural for people who keep kosher, their target in the general market includes vegans and vegetarians. “The positioning of our products is as an alternative to real meat; hence we are in the meat sections of major supermarkets and box stores,” said Mr. Muth. To Rabbi Lando, Beyond Meat is just another example of the wide net of kosher to a much broader audience.” “Plans are underway for a major expansion of our products in the next 3 years and kosher will be very much a part of it,” says the former Coca Cola executive who is now driving the growth at Beyond Meat. “There is much to look forward to,” says the OK Executive Manager,” and for the person who eats kosher 365,” he chuckles, “stay tuned for a kosher ham sandwich, obviously a plant-based replacement.”