May 20, 2020

Kosher Shopping will Never be the Same Again, Kosher Experts Say

New York… Kosher shoppers are picking up orders curbside. Others are finally doing most of their shopping on-line. While initially it was thought that these new trends were directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing opinion amongst kosher experts that some of these changes may be permanent. Kosher shoppers are becoming used to the idea of convenience shopping and enjoying the targeted marketing of interesting products, meals and dishes. These changes are not necessarily welcomed by retail experts who lament that on-line shopping is no replacement for “impulse buying.” One retailer explained: “When a shopper pursues the lines, they buy products that they see on the shelves, far more than they actually need. They taste products and then buy.”

These changes may also apply to restaurants. Expecting to lose some capacity due to social distancing, the restaurants are hoping to pick up more business through curbside pickups and on-line orders and delivery. It is becoming abundantly clear that the new Corona shopping habits may be here to stay.