August 6, 2019

Kosher Shelves Offer Plethora of Brands in Aftermath of Kayco Acquisition of Manischewitz

New York…The pending acquisition of Manischewitz by Kayco will not have an appreciable effect on the composition of grocery shelves of most independent kosher supermarkets. According to a survey by Kosher Today, most independents say that Kayco distributed brands, including Manischewitz make up 25%-30% of the kosher products on their shelves. These stores are 20,000 plus square feet in size and generally stock multiple brands in most food categories. In supermarkets with as little as 10 linear feet of kosher food in their kosher or ethnic foods aisle, the Kayco-Manischewitz dominance is closer to 70%, sources say. “These brands have always concentrated on stocking shelves in the supermarket chains,” a source told Kosher Today. At some of the large independent stores like Gourmet Glatt, Evergreen or Season’s, customers can choose from a large number of brands from the US, Israel and abroad. While Kayco brands like Kedem, Gefen and Haddar are very noticeable on most kosher shelves, distributors like Quality distribute dozens of other brands as do such companies as Lieber’s, Bloom’s and Paskesz. “It is this strong competition that will keep prices in check,” a supermarket executive told Kosher Today, in response to some posts on social media that prices will most definitely rise.