April 14, 2015

Kosher Round-Up During and After Passover

MIAMI - The post Passover rush to sell pizza after refraining from eating the popular food for nine days (albeit some Passover versions taste like the year-round pizza) caught one popular eating establishment getting off to a “false start.” According to Kosher Miami which certifies the Shemtov establishment in Miami Beach “although this was a violation of Kosher Miami policies, rules and guidelines, and in violation of the chometz sale agreement, the pizza that was made with this dough is permissible to be eaten.” They continued: “All chometz owned by Shemtovs was sold before Pesach to a non-Jew. The dough was stored in an offsite refrigerated storage location.” Apparently, the pizza dough was picked up by non-Jews at 8:10 PM and brought to Shemtovs, just minutes before the end of the Shabbat and the holiday. The dough was not used before 8:40 PM, which was after the holiday concluded. Kosher Miami noted that “although this was in violation of the chometz sale agreement, this did not invalidate the chometz sale agreement, and the dough was permitted to be used.”

In another incident, according to the Orthodox Union (OU), “a very small quantity of Reisman’s Black and White cookies were baked before Passover and were mistakenly packaged with labels that state that they were baked after Passover. These mislabeled cookies have been withdrawn from the marketplace.” The mislabeled cookies were discovered by a passenger at JFK airport with the visual of the package going viral. For the Sabra Dipping Company it was a case of possible listeria contamination which led to a voluntary recall of 30,000 cases of its classic hummus. The hummus tested positive for the food-borne bacteria listeria monocytogenes, which is potentially fatal and can affect the elderly, pregnant women, babies and those with compromised immune systems.