June 17, 2020

Kosher Rose Wine Grows in Popularity

Bayonne NJ…Sales of kosher Rose wine continue to grow at a time when the nation celebrates National Rosé Day (second Saturday in June each year recognizes a wine that complements many dishes.) Royal Wine Corp recently announced that they have been named exclusive North American (USA) distributor and importer of Chateau Roubine - Cru Classe & Chateau Sainte Beatrice, two famous vineyards of Provence producing delicious rose wines. Their partnership aims to deliver the best French rose wines from Provence to wineries, wine shops, and restaurants and allow the consumer to enjoy the best juices from the harvest.

Owned by Valerie Rousselle & family, Château Roubine and Château Sainte-Béatrice are known as the wineries of excellence as both vineyards respect the regional winemaking tradition while using the most modern techniques. The specificity of each of them is to grow grapes organically, while working with sustainable and biodynamic agriculture. The wines are elaborated in the purest respect of nature & environment, soil and biodiversity. The production is limited in order to seek the optimal grape maturity to deliver fantastic wines full of sunshine, delicate tastes and flavors.