August 24, 2015

Kosher Rises to New Heights in the Catskills Where 350,000 Kosher Consumers Vacation

Monticello - One need only visit Walmart’s and Shoprite in this town to know that once the summer arrives, kosher is booming and especially in 2015. As soon as one enters Wal-Mart, they are greeted by a Hebrew sign that announces a full section of kosher baked goods. Yiddish signs are also at the Shoprite across the street. Both stores offered more kosher than ever before, especially Wal-Mart which in past years struggled with the category but now, according to distributors like Harold Weiss of Kayco (Kedem) is doing an extraordinary job. Instead of simply having a kosher aisle, the store has a colored sign announcing kosher headquarters and features shelves with a full selection of kosher items. Then there are free standing displays of items like Kedem grape juice and a refrigerator case with Cholov Yisroel dairy. Shoprite has long catered to this market and is even a favorite for many who live in the Catskills all year and keep kosher. And there was more good news from expanded stores like Yagdil, Skopp’s, and Mountain Fruit that added to the growth of kosher in the Catskills this year, not to speak of such established tsores like Landau’s and Buy Rite. The combined efforts of all these retailers may have added some $3 million to the ten-week business, say some distributors. This does not include the lucrative camp business, which is an important part of kosher foodservice.