July 28, 2020

Kosher Retailers Tighten Adherence to Covid-19 Guidelines

Monsey…Almost all kosher food retailers are mandating masks and social distancing, but enforcement varies. Many of the independent kosher supermarkets have posted personnel at the entrance to warn shoppers to wear masks, which are available for sale in the stores. The newly opened Bingo in Spring Valley was shut down temporarily last week Monday by local authorities for violating pandemic protocols. including overcrowding, social distancing and wearing masks, according to a report in the Journal News. Spring Valley officials said the managers had agreed to follow the state's rules on limiting the number of customers in the store at a time, educating employees on mask use and social distancing, and asking customers to wear masks. Despite rumors to the contrary, most patrons in those stores are wearing masks.

Zalman, a 52-year old Monsey resident, says he has tested positive and has plenty of antibodies, but he believes “we are all in this together.” His wife who wore her mask loosely shook her head in agreement as she adjusted her pink mask to cover her nose. Unlike stores like Target and Wal-Mart, patrons are not thrown out of the stores for refusing to wear a mask, but one manager said that “the dirty stares from other patrons are enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable.” At Evergreen there are regular announcements in English and Yiddish while a clerk is posted at the door asking all patrons to don masks.